Recent publications

“Sibling Revelry” has been published in the Holiday Issue of Hofstra University’s Windmill. Anyone who knows me well already knows about my amazing family and our funny/strange/unique holiday tradition. I’m especially pleased with this comment from managing editor Keaton Ramjit in his issue overview: “Eileen Cunniffe shows us that not all happy families are alike at Christmas, thus proving Leo Tolstoy wrong.” Read my essay (which won The Project in 2014, one of my rare victories) here: https://hofstrawindmill.com/2017/11/17/holiday-17-sibling-revelry-by-eileen-cunniffe/ 

“Revision, Like Launching a Marble Boat” appears in the Winter 2017 issue of Subprimal Poetry Art. Read it here: https://subprimal.com/issues/issue10/revision-like-launching-a-marble-boat-by-eileen-cunniffe. (This craft essay was first published as a guest blog post by Superstition Review. )

“When Someone Knows,” a poem (and a true travel story), has been published by TheRavensPerch. Read it, rate it and share it with your favorite chocoholics and Francophiles using this link: http://www.theravensperch.com/when-someone-knows-by-eileen-cunniffe/

“Leaving Inishmurray,” a travel essay inspired by one memorable morning in Ireland, has been published by The RavensPerch. Read it, rate it and share it using this link:  http://www.theravensperch.com/leaving-inishmurray-by-eileen-cunniffe/

“Everything I Need to Know I Am Still Learning from Mary Richards” appears in the October 2016 online issue of Bluestem Magazine. Read it (or listen to the audio recording) here: http://bluestemmagazine.com/online/october-2016/everything-i-need-to-know-i-am-still-learning-from-mary-richards-2/

“Wanderlust” has been published in the March 2016 issue of Referential Magazine. I love this model of writing that references someone else’s work. Read my first published fiction here: http://referentialmagazine.org/wanderlust-story-by-eileen-m-cunniffe/.

“Famous Pink Raincoat” (with a nod to Leonard Cohen) has been published on the website of The Voices Project. Read this micro-essay here:  http://www.thevoicesproject.org/poetry-library/archives/02-2016 .

“Independence Day,” a travel essay set in Prague, appears in the Summer 2015 edition of Lowestoft Chronicle. Read it here: http://www.lowestoftchronicle.com/issues/issue22/eileencunniffe.html. 

“Trouble-Making” has been published as a guest blog post by Superstition Review. Read it here:  http://superstitionreview.asu.edu/blog/2015/04/06/eileen-cunniffe/. Then be sure to visit www.rmcunniffe.com.


You can find links to my online publications here, as well as information about where my work has appeared in print.