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“When Someone Knows,” a poem (and a true travel story), has been published by TheRavensPerch. Read it, rate it and share it with your favorite chocoholics and Francophiles using this link: http://www.theravensperch.com/when-someone-knows-by-eileen-cunniffe/

“Leaving Inishmurray,” a travel essay inspired by one memorable morning in Ireland, has been published by The RavensPerch. Read it, rate it and share it using this link:  http://www.theravensperch.com/leaving-inishmurray-by-eileen-cunniffe/

“Everything I Need to Know I Am Still Learning from Mary Richards” appears in the October 2016 online issue of Bluestem Magazine. Read it (or listen to the audio recording) here: http://bluestemmagazine.com/online/october-2016/everything-i-need-to-know-i-am-still-learning-from-mary-richards-2/

“Revision, Like Launching a Marble Boat” has been published as a guest blog post by Superstition Review. Read it here:  http://blog.superstitionreview.asu.edu/2016/10/08/guest-post-eileen-cunniffe-revision-like-launching-a-marble-boat/ 

“Wanderlust” has been published in the March 2016 issue of Referential Magazine. I love this model of writing that references someone else’s work. Read my first published fiction here: http://referentialmagazine.org/wanderlust-story-by-eileen-m-cunniffe/.

“Famous Pink Raincoat” (with a nod to Leonard Cohen) has been published on the website of The Voices Project. Read this micro-essay here:  http://www.thevoicesproject.org/poetry-library/archives/02-2016 .

“Independence Day,” a travel essay set in Prague, appears in the Summer 2015 edition of Lowestoft Chronicle. Read it here: http://www.lowestoftchronicle.com/issues/issue22/eileencunniffe.html. 

“Trouble-Making” has been published as a guest blog post by Superstition Review. Read it here:  http://superstitionreview.asu.edu/blog/2015/04/06/eileen-cunniffe/. Then be sure to visit www.rmcunniffe.com.


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